We are also exploring ways to provide useful comparisons using this framework. In a recent report, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that cybercriminals will use hacked or stolen information within nine minutes of posting…. If you’re earlier in your journey, then you should find level 5 a great starting point and can then balance the enhanced security of higher levels against your application readiness and risk tolerance. In this initial draft, we have defined 5 discrete levels of security configuration. Clean up unwanted programs. This document is meant for use in conjunction with other applicable STIGs, such as, but not limited to, Browsers, Antivirus, and other desktop applications. Join discussions at the Microsoft Defender ATP community. Routine file backups are essential for protecting yourself from losing important … Per-Windows 10 System Security Checklist These items apply to every endpoint individually. Rather than making an itemized list, we grouped recommendations into coherent and discrete groups, which makes it easier for you to see where you stand in terms of your defensive posture. Get quick, easy access to all Canadian Centre for Cyber Security services and information. System hardening is the process of securing systems in order to reduce their attack surface. As operating systems evolve ... What is hardening? What if you don’t know exactly how to configure a given set of features? Windows 10 Hardening Techniques. In addition, access rights should be restricted to administrators. It’s context-aware, driven by your existing configuration and the threats impacting your environment. 1.5 MB. Windows Server 2019 ships and installs with an existing level of hardening that is significantly more secure compared to previous Windows Server operating systems. Most of these issues can be managed using group policies and deactivated if required. This is done via network installation, with Computer Management Framework (CMF) [1]configuring the appropriate software and hardened policies for the machine. The Windows Server Hardening Checklist 1. In the past, we left defining the security configuration for Windows 10 as a task for every customer to sort out. The main record made when you install Windows is an authoritative record. We are defining discrete prescriptive Windows 10 security configurations (levels 5 through 1) to meet many of the common device scenarios we see today in the enterprise. The graphical interface (e.g. In a Security Research of Anti-Virus Software project, Travis Ormandy, researcher in Google’s Project Zero, found that, unlike competitor products, Windows Defender did not have any critical vulnerabilities that impaired the security of the operating system. Windows Defender offers adequate protection against known malware and has not been found to have any serious weaknesses. The checklist can be used for all Windows versions, but in Windows 10 Home the Group Policy Editor is not integrated and the adjustment must be done directly in the registry. Mimicking the DEFCON levels used to determine alert state by the United States Armed Forces, lower numbers indicate a higher degree of security hardening: How do you choose the configuration that’s best for your organization? Our experts will get in contact with you! Michael Schneider has been in IT since 2000. This Windows IIS server hardening checklist will ensure server hardening policies are implemented correctly during installation. This blog was written by an independent guest blogger. We thought we should supplement secure score to help people in all these scenarios with the security configuration framework. Search Google, or Bing ;), for the Windows hardening guide from the University of Texas at Austin. Encryption. Standardization has many advantages, so we developed a security configuration framework to help simplify security configuration while still allowing enough flexibility to allow you to balance security, productivity, and user experience. This is a hardening checklist that can be used in private and business environments for hardening Windows 10. We worked with a select group of pilot customers, experts from Microsoft’s engineering team, and the Microsoft sales field to develop this guidance. He is well-known for a variety of tools written in PowerShell to find, exploit, and mitigate weaknesses. ; It is important to make sure that Secure Boot is enabled on all machines. 1.5 MB: Windows 10 Version 1803 Security Baseline.zip. The integrated Windows Defender solution can be used as anti-virus software. It takes newly released malware an average of just four hours to achieve its goal—steal financial information, extort money, or cause widespread damage. This IP should... 3. Based on the CIS Microsoft Windows 10 Benchmarks, I have created a checklist that can be used to harden Windows 10 in both the private and business domain. According to an analysis, by Will Dormann, this is not yet the case with the current version of Windows 10. Application hardening When applications are installed they are often not pre-configured in a secure state. User Configuration. The integrated BitLocker function can be used for this. Network Configuration. Strengthening the log settings, however, only helps if the integrity of the logs is assured and they have been recorded properly. The seventh Windows 10 hardening tip involves securing it against its overlord: Big Microsoft. Not guaranteed to catch everything. NTLM should now only be used in version 2 (NTLMv2); all other versions (NTLMv1 and LM) should be rejected. In 2009, Microsoft published the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), which can be used as a Defense in Depth measure against the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Gone are the bloat of Xbox integration and services and the need for third-party security solutions to fill security gaps. In Windows 10, Windows Defender comes with real-time antivirus capabilities. There are way more, but this is to describe how basic of a checklist I'm looking for if that makes sense. CIS Controls Microsoft Windows 10 Cyber Hygiene Guide This guide provides detailed information on how to accomplish each of the CIS Sub-Controls within Implementation Group 1 (IG1). As you go through it, you may recognize a need for policies you haven’t thought of before. This is a hardening checklist that can be used in private and business environments for hardening Windows 10.