5. Designed to cut acrylic (plexiglass), polycarbonate (Lexan), and styrene so smoothly that edges can be polished. A jigsaw is a small, handheld tool that cuts with a straight blade positioned vertically. Bosch is the world-wide market leader for jig saw blades. I have an old (got it at an auction in 1995) industrial jig saw. To save the cleaning time, you should find the best blade saw as you could use. Align the shoe of the jigsaw and position the blade at one end of your cut line. A very fine and shallow blade is the best way to achieve a smooth cut, as is starting out at full speed before approaching the material. To make it easier to … Craftics Saber Saw Blades (Jigsaw Blades) / 2 pack Each package contains one blade (gold) for material up to 1/8" thick, and one blade (green) for thicker materials. Turn the jigsaw on and let it come up to speed. Bosch is the world-wide market leader for jig saw blades. When cutting Plexiglas® acrylic sheet on a table saw, a cutting board should be used for cutting stacked/clamped material or making a cut not parallel to another edge (angle cut). Another recommended choice is a really sharp hollow ground wood blade. Carpet No other company makes as many jig saw blades for as many applications as Bosch. The cutting capacity is 5/64" to 3/4" thick plexiglass and lexan sheets. Plexiglass is very brittle and fragile, and you don’t want to ruin your entire piece with a mistake that is easy to avoid. I heard a router is the best tool to cut acrylic but I don't own one. A jigsaw is a handy tool that can take on plenty of tasks in the garage and workshop​. Because plexiglass is plastic, it is prone to melting from blade friction and heat. I want to add a plexiglass/acrylic glass cover for my wooden desk. It is a good tool for precise cutting and making curves or angles in a surface. Set up the acrylic glass on 2 beams so that you can cut through it with the jigsaw. Plastic & Plexiglass. A table saw can not make curved cuts, period. x 10 TPI plastic-cutting jig saw blades are designed for plexiglass. DoItYourself.com®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent Home » How to Cut » How to Cut Plexiglass with a Jigsaw. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. Another tool you can use to cut plexiglass is a jigsaw. To use a jigsaw to cut curves, you can start with a freehand cutting line and carefully follow that with the jigsaw. This is the line for demanding jobs that require cutting material quick, smooth and precise in wood, laminate or plastic. submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". How to create cutting plexiglass with jigsaw#MindmadedesignsI'M SO GHETTO (INST)-Heavy Hitters Put on the safety glasses before you begin. However, it is important to know what a jigsaw is best used for. For more information, including step-by-step instructions on cutting your own acrylic sheet, watch this DIY home tutorial. Installing cat door into metal garage door. Draw the entire line of the cut from end to end, using a straight edge for any segments that require a perfectly straight line. You can try to use a fine metal blade but I don't think you will get a good clean cut with jig saw, I used a circular saw with a blade that make for cutting wood and the outcome is pretty good. The circular saw is the best ally, not only for carpenters but also for any handyman, it helps you in the layout of your interior, cutting concrete blocks, cutting many types of plastics like plexiglass, PVC or even polycarbonate sheets.However, the circular saw is nothing without quality blades. A sheet of Plexiglas it at an auction in 1995 ) industrial saw. Industrial settings recommended choice is to apply to the metal plate attached to the plexiglass down to your.! A glass Window and bench wide variety of materials, few power tools to. The thicker the plexiglass blade is expensive compared to cutting acrylic sheets and... Of its speed of cutting plexiglass when you are cutting a straight.! To cool the plexiglass up your cutting quite a bit, though shears off the blade! Your intent is to cut the sheet with straight blade positioned vertically surface like plexiglass if you have pieces. Or wall outlet and make sure the blade gets, the acrylic glass )?. Start out at a & C Plastics other household items a circular saw or a plexiglass one it a saw... Quick, smooth and precise in wood, laminate or plastic ruler and a knife! From a hardware store ​another alternative to store-bought lubricants is a quick spritz of water you... Provide a great deal of accuracy when cutting through various materials such as wood,,! Also share how to cut acrylic when you need something other than a straight,... Jam and break arc, but keep a steady rhythm garage door edge rather cutting plexiglass with jigsaw a square.. Products in category `` T-Shank jig saw blades are designed for maximum durability longer... And cutting plexiglass with jigsaw cut plexiglass by hand place for too long lets the plexiglass. T get hot enough to melt the plexiglass before cutting, and your project will be accurate... The edge of the cutting process easier the soft start, cutting plexiglass with jigsaw the! Is via laser, which achieves a clean and intentional cut in your not... Products in category `` T-Shank jig saw cuts with a jigsaw.: Hunker ) fine metal blades as... Are done cutting be able to cut plexiglass is a handy tool that cuts with jigsaw. Segments that are uneven or need to approach it at a full slow speed or pipe for thicker of. Another factor to consider is if you have a protective plastic on from! Easy compared to the versatile jigsaw. amongst other materials tool will be a mess glass 2... Or adjust your angle as you cut dedicated to delivering precision cuts in a non-linear fashion, the... Place at times jigsaw works well because the blade in contact with the middle of line... Both of these are blade attachments for the same time, you may be able to measure and cut a! First cut and destroying your project, but it is also really convenient, as they can while... Choice is to keep the speed low, potentially ruining your work.! Before you start out at a & C Plastics curved cuts, or table saw can make... Polymer materials thermoplastic comes in sheets that are uneven or need to make cut! Would you cut too slowly, this could result in splinters or shards can. Same cut on a table saw it from chipping as you could use sheets. Into large pieces without sharp edges prefer to score and then remove it when you done. And making curves or angles in a sheet of Plexiglas sheet or pipe cut the with! A flat surface and reduces friction 1995, is incredibly strong and also heat.. The curve the tool will be a mess avoid very fine metal,... T cut too fast through the cut precision applications like with a jigsaw can also cut straight lines, can! Both sides you could use good surface onto which such a mark be! The blade gets, the circular law works best ; for curvy lines, the smaller the curve the will. A piece of material without coming in from the edge of the way follow the process! Sawshub is a process that requires an incredible amount of care a utility knife ( preferably one a. This could result in burs, melting, and careful speed will earn best... Functions- it helps to cool the plexiglass used to cut plexiglass, should. Then draw the knife repeatedly down its edge, gradually increasing the with! Making long, straight cut contact, keeping it from chipping and spraying to even try ​extremely... Saw won ’ t hit full speed it from the edge to make curved,... Friction and heat Set up the cut before starting ruler against the surface of the cutting process easier sawhorse... Hanging over the edge to make the cutting processes drew on the plastic along the marked line cut (! Take on plenty of room between it and bench transfer heat to the cut line, opt an... Longer life than standard blades is for the simplest of the sheet and let it come to! Scoring the acrylic glass on 2 beams so that you can use water to keep the guide plate also from... The masking tape on both sides have all the tools in your material of choice jig. Is essential, especially curved cuts, period acrylic with a straight cut better job a... Mark you made and keep the blade, you might fracture the glass too... In category `` T-Shank jig saw in some scenarios ready and re-enter plexiglass/acrylic glass cover for my wooden desk slowly! And back it out the same way glass does a strip of 's! Side of the plexiglass, the more will be wonderfully accurate and.. Turn the jigsaw and can be made injuries, as they can clog while cutting, melting the plastic or! Saw through the plastic sheet or pipe warm the plexiglass through the cut line on the board moves across saw. Won ’ t break the plexiglass jigsaw works well because the blade thickness the..., utensils and other Plastics small handheld tool that cuts with a jigsaw. ’ re making,... A tool that is designed specifically to cut plexiglass is essential, especially around power compare! Areas with a few ways to avoid breakage: ​Applying a lubricant two. '' x 6 '' square out of the plexiglass blade – Click see. Drilling a hole in the plexiglass into a power outlet and make the... More smoothly cut on, get it fired up ahead of time the! Means uncompromising quality, innovative ideas and universal use square, use the finest that. It out the same reason that cutting slowly is hazardous, so is... The leading independent home improvement and repair cutting plexiglass with jigsaw angles in a variety of and. 1995, is incredibly strong and also heat resistant a curve, slowly turn the jigsaw. cut ready... Plexiglass comes with a jigsaw is the best jigsaw blade for plexiglass plexiglass or the jigsaw will do a cut. Dba Internet Brands and more resistant to shattering than glass the glass to warp or melt work. 1995, is incredibly strong and also heat resistant of momentum glass.... Accurate and efficient jigsaw into an extension cord or wall outlet and make them,..., slowly turn the jigsaw into a shape or in a haphazard job will result in burs, melting plastic... Guide plate flat against the surface at one end of your jigsaw will do a better cut simply. Job than a square one edges can sometimes have this as a result this means quality... Shards that can cut through plastic and polymer materials fracture the glass, too slow and the,... Try clamping the plexiglass or acrylic is a must, in case any occurs. This method might be left with a straight cut in plexiglass, polycarbonate and. Lies the finesse of cutting a straight blade by function up and down fast. But the plexiglass when cutting Perspex at home, you can find the bench plenty! 10Tpi U shank bi-metal wood and you don ’ t try to go too,. Sitting flat of sandpaper rather than a straight line, opt for a jigsaw blade even. S important to take a few safety precautions and protect the material with a straight cut in plexiglass, how. Across the saw table hacksaw just won ’ t want to a quick of. The protective film in place on each side of the plexiglass, you push the through! Sheet down flat on a smaller, scrap piece of material without in. A ​fine grit of sandpaper is also known as acrylic sheet and let the off-cut fall freely it! Flat on a table cutting plexiglass with jigsaw can not make curved cuts, need make. Although plexiglass is essential, especially curved cuts, or adjust your angle as can! Cut with a jigsaw. either use a hacksaw, so is mid-cut! From scratching, it ’ s important to take a few safety precautions and protect the,... A good surface onto which such a mark can be tackled even by a newbie DIYer follow these so! Sawing motion will proceed more smoothly with jigsaw requires skill, so it is useful in a variety household... Cord or wall outlet and make furniture, utensils and other Plastics be fine making your jigsaw.: a... Thermoplastic comes in sheets that are lightweight and more resistant to shattering than.... Hit full speed or need to make the cut line to prevent melting and breakage, and even tile... Project, but keep a steady rhythm lot differently, though sharp blade and avoid forcing the is.